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I'm not very good at this

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Hello and hey; as the title suggests I'm not very good at blogging, recording, or downright anything that should benefit me. I'm trying to become a more disciplined person, a more responsible-for-my-actions adult and a better working artist. I don't have much of an excuse, it's been my mental health mostly, had many personal problems along side with the Pandemic and trying to break into who I am. I have habits of being lazy, overly anxious to the point where I can't move because I've made the goal/destination far too far to reach.

But what this all comes down to is moi. And what the heck am I going to do about moi??? Well, being kinder to myself that's what I have to do but find very tough to do. Create more artwork and not over think it, remind myself that art is suppose to be fun rather then some top notch put this in a museum NOW kind of art. I only just recently left my (hopefully last EVER) retail job. It was a lovely & cute job, it was in a bakery, surrounded by cakes and bread, making coffee... But then the pandemic happened...and I think because people who were working weren't having proper holidays and breaks, (who could?) personal problems and work politics became huge and consuming.

But now that has come to its end and it's now time for me to move on and grow, become more productive and happier within myself. Thank you for reading up to here so far! I won't be writing much more on the above subject but to now get into the fun stuff!

Who the hecking heck doens't love a messy art desk? Me that's who, I'm letting you all spy on me so you can see my sporadic space that I will be sorting and organising.

What I'm really doing here is showing you and my future self my vulnerability, how disorganised I've become and where I now need to pay attention. I'm not a perfect person at all and have plenty of flaws, but I want to improve those flaws to make my life and those closest to me happier. This poor desk is my 2nd work station! Would you believe!??

Today I spent my time scanning in my lastest drawings, I've absolutely been loving ZIG Clean Color Real Brush. They're amazing water based brush pens that feel like you're painting! I think I get my best line work our of brish pens, at some point in the future I should do a review on brush pens. Once scanned I put the images into photoshop to clean them up and fix any colour issues. My scanner is an old ass Canon MG2450. Not the finest of scanners but it gets the job done and that's all that matters.

I think I prefer drawing on "bad" paper, something about cheap paper is that there isn't such a high expectation, If I make a mistake or don't like it then no worries! It was just cheap sketch paper anyway; but beautiful, expensive and CLEAN paper now that's a hurdle.

I'm working on creating a schedule for myself which will help remind me to blog and share art as well as all my other life bits; I will make it my mission to not leave such long gaps inbetween posts, even if no one is reading this that doesn't matter, it's about creating consistency for myself and generating fun art.

In the mean time take care. Liz OXOXO

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